Suzie Secret Garden


How does your garden grow??

Now is the time to start to prep your garden and put the coffee grounds and if you have any ash from your wood fireplace start to turn it into your soil. (

I save an old coffee can right next to my coffee every morning I put the leftover coffee grounds in this and when it fills I take it right out to the garden. We also have a small box next to the trap of the fireplace outside where we empty that and save to go in the garden or you could use the outside firepit ashes be careful though that they haven’t been contaminated with anything.

Remember to reestablish where you put your vegetables and make it different from last year, you have to rotate your crops every year so the nutrients will remain good and replenish your dirt with compost. I recommend to keep your compost in an enclosed container and careful about what you choose since some things will attract unwanted critters. Here is a link to Composting: At our old place we made our own compost bin out of a barrel and made a stand for it so that it would turn with a cut out scoup in the middle of it to scoup out compost. Costco sells one currently if you are in the market and don’t want to make one.

As in life a garden is as good as what time you put into it. I initially wanted to write this as a way of just specifically talking about gardening but as we all know that working in the Soil is good for our Soul. The human spirit needs time sowing in their garden it keeps their heart and mind connected with the earth and centered and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and have some time dedicated for themselves a place to get lost in something you love and it is very Spiritual. Til Next Time~


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