Gardening for Children

Gardening for Children

Gardening for children is fun and also so exciting to see them take an interest in the outdoors and to see the excitement on their face after being consistent to watering the plant or turning the soil and then seeing the produce of their labor. I found it is also good to try to be sustainable as much as you can with the higher prices of our vegetables and growing them and using organic materials makes way for a healthier vegetables or fruits that we put into our bodies this is a great lesson for healthier eating for our children as well and so much fun! Our Granddaughter loves helping out her Nana by helping to water the garden. We have special watering cans for our grandchildren when they visit. My wish for them is that they will also have a green thumb. After all Grandmas are meant to pass down wonderful things to their grandchildren. In this day and age of too many kids staying inside and watching tv, and obesity, and this gives a hands on learning which can only help the child by getting out in the sunshine and exploring as we did when we were younger. They say too much tv can dull a mind and stunt creativity. Nothing like a child being given permission to put their hands in the dirt and loosen the soil. So freeing for them. I used to give mine large spoons to help free up soil, they thought they were just having fun, but they were loosening the soil for where our tomato plant, or other plants were going to be. Our children when younger took much pleasure in planting a watermelon seed where they were allowed to make mud pies at and they also took much pleasure in seeing it grow round and plump was pretty tasty. This was the start of their confidence that leads into adulthood. Things you don’t think that your Garden can do for you are endless, with confidence, learning, and exercise, healthy eating, and always being open to learning more. Picking a particular plant or vegetable that your child would like to grow then make it a family project to save compost, and turn over the area together making it a special family project makes it fun for them and a special bonding as well as wonderful memories they will have always. We used to have picnics outside as we were working in the garden nothing like having a peanut butter jelly with a little dirt in them for flavor with some lemonade or milk on an outside blanket. Happy Gardening. Til Next Time~


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