Happy Spring Today~! ✫For Tomorrow may bring us snow flurries!✫

486047_10200328223481015_1918907542_nHappy Spring Today~! For Tomorrow may bring us snow flurries!

Lovely day outside today enjoyed working in the yard mowing the front grass and putting down some White Vinegar on the weeds! Besides Turning the Soil some more in the garden for preparation for the new plants. I noticed a chill in the air and surprise, we may have some snow flurries tomorrow. So folks as you know in our mid atlantic region some of the heartier plants will sustain just fine. I am still getting broccoli and have some Lettuce and Collards that are trying to come back from my winter garden. I think it is a good idea to start your seeds probably in the mid atlantic region indoors and get a little growth on them plus get over any chance of freeze before putting them in the ground. Little does my husband know it but I am setting up a long table in our garage to plant my seedlings in some good rich organic soil or compost and then make some markers out of sticks or paper. I have seen some made out of old blinds then you mark your type plant and put them in the front row of these. Keep on saving your seeds, and cross your fingers for good Spring time Weather To Fall upon us soon! I have daffodils blooming! Til Next Time~✫✫✫✫✫


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