☼Monday Gardening Tip☼ How to Make Your Own Compost Bin

Photo of our old Garden with Compost Tumbler:Veggie Garden

I found this as I was searching for another way to build a compost tumbler as we left the other one we had made at our old house and frankly, I had to find this for myself as we need to build another one.  This is almost exactly what we had at our other place and our garden did great there as well.  They have other type compost types to build, but I preferred this one at this link below:

Here are the plans for this particular one: http://www.examiner.com/article/karen-stockton-teaches-how-to-make-a-compost-tumbler-under-30

As you can see even a trash can with holes drilled at the top can be a compost if you wanted to use something like this plan: http://simplemom.net/how-to-make-a-compost-bin/

Really Liked this one site it gives you 4 Different Compost Bins or ways to build your own compost bin.  You really want to use the one that works the best for you, at least you are making an effort to be environmentally friendly by doing so and having more of a natural gardening process:  Please watch all 4 of the videos to see which one of these methods may work for you the best: http://www.treehugger.com/lawn-garden/4-diy-compost-bins-you-can-build-one-day-video.html

☼Til Next Time~ƸӜƷHappy Spring!ƸӜƷ☼☼☼Something to do as we wait for the weather to warm up!


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