❀“Sow your seeds carefully❀You may Leave a Lasting Impression”

_photo47_5d_e5_546a2677f1cc__1365109896000Garden GlovesToday was just an incredible day!☼☼☼ My garden gloves were in great use and our dogs enjoyed the weather as well as you can tell by their shadow on the swing, even though it didn’t make our spring come any sooner. =)

The Beauty and the Warmth of the sun on my back and feeling that vitamin D Sink in was a great feeling. It was a day to be grateful and time to sow my seeds, as in life what you sow is what you will reap, so make sure it is kindness, forgiveness and love. ❀❀

I had some starter seeds in small pots which I take out on nice days to get the natural sun since they are in the safety of the garage since the nights here may drop down in temperature. I use a couple of spray bottles with our well water which my plants and the garden plants seem to love with the natural minerals in it. But you can use regular City Water if this is all you have, and use a natural fertilizer once they sprout. I use an organic starting soil for the placement of the seeds and wet the soil before placing the seeds in. It is good to use all those you have saved throughout the year. I had tons, probably too many. I wet the soil and then put the seed in the soil and spray every day, before you know it they will be large enough to plant in your garden.

I am marking mine with a label on the starter containers, I just recycle whatever I may have around the house. Some will use a popsicle stick or even an old blinds and write on it, it is your preference or what you have handy.

Here is a nice link for seed starting: ☼ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵ ƸӜƷ http://www.backyarddiva.ca/seed-starting/
Happy Gardening~☼*✿Til Next Time~✿


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