❀What a Glorious Day to be Outside! ❀

Beautiful Day to be outside.



Garden WeedingTwo days in a row of warm temps, yesterday almost hitting 90 and today 83! It was just too nice to be inside, so after a meeting, I got my dandy old bicycle out and was off with my sunshade on my head to enjoy my bike ride with my iced water in my holder, off to take in all the sounds, sights and smells of nature.  You really take on a different perspective when on a bike, you see everything up close and beautiful and it awakens all your senses. 

We were always told to stop and smell the roses, well this makes you do just that, in a way but with all your senses.  I used to ride my bike everywhere as a child, and actually I have never stopped.  I try to encourage all my friends to come with me or at least give it a try.  I ride at a moderate pace and have clocked it so that I go 10 miles, it is soothing to me and nature is so relaxing it is my meditation.  I took in all the colors of spring of the different colored tulips and the many beautiful trees in bloom. It was great to stop by this beautiful little canal and absorb it in and to get a little swig of water.  A cute little frog that was sun-bathing on a rock on the canal banks decided it was not his day to get his photo so he jumped into the water as I took my picture.  Their was a white egret off in the distance. 

Our eyes are our cameras and it is our job to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us in Nature. I loved looking up at this tree through the branches it looked like a masterpiece in person and I really took the time to appreciate it. I think we all can learn from Nature.

After getting back home, I got into the task of weeding the garden beds, I found it easy to put a lawn and leaf bag in a chair to make it a little easier to toss the weeds in. I noticed my arms were a little pink from the sun so I called it a day. 

The last bit of my cooler crops are done now and some had been attracting bees which is a good thing.  I was able to save the broccoli stems to juice, but the last bit of the broccoli we ate for dinner last night and it was delicious.

This weekend I will be planting some Summer Crops. I have started my seeds in my garage, some peppers, squash, and even a cherry tree. I put a light on them for a few hours.  I found that the starter pots seeds seem to love flourescent light, but they will do fine with just any type of light for a couple of hours, even if you take them outside for natural light and spray everyday until they sprout. 

I was glad that my avocado seed also sprouted so I have that in starter organic soil too.  I have cut the top off of my pineapple and have it in water to sprout. This is a first time for me to try the pineapple.  Here is a photo of how to do this, looks like a cool project.   I plan on finishing my compost barrel this weekend. 

❀ Happy Gardening~Til Next Time.❀

 Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship” 
― ❀Ralph Waldo Emerson


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