❀Gardening Tips For Friday and a few links that are easy to follow. ❀

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Everyone is turning to Gardening now, since the price of Groceries have gotten higher and it is a great alternative to Co-ops or organic markets, plus the main benefit is that it is a much healthier way of living. Our mothers used to always tell us to eat our greens and we had more ground vegetables that were locally grown vegetables back then, but I think we are as a society trying to come back to eating more natural and healthier, especially with all the artificial ingredients and additives that we found were not good for any of us.  This is a good video from Jamie Oliver on Ted when you get a chance to teach our children about food: http://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver.html

I had always heard that if you go grocery shopping stay away from the middle of the store and just shop the fresh fruits and veggies or the frozen.

If you do shop the middle of the store then become a label reader and this link will help with that: http://www.fhcp.com/health/documents/VirtualGroceryStoreTourLabelReading.pdf

 If you have any canned veggies, you may want to check the sodium in them since they contain more sodium than most of us need. What you can do if you have canned veggies just put them in a colander and wash them thoroughly don’t use the packing water they came in. It is best always to eat fresh, especially with the summer months and easier to access in the growing months and it always taste better.    

I don’t grow everything so I still will shop at the local store for fresh fruit or certain vegetables.  There are some good organic markets that are around such as Wholefoods, Trader Joes, Organic Depot, or even local grocery stores now are catching on to selling locally grown produce, or buying from your local Farmers Co-op is a great alternative.

The benefit of having home-grown veggies is that you know what is being put on them as far as natural fertilizer, that is why it is good to check to see if you buy them if they are organic and how they are grown and to support local farmers or businesses is important for our local communities since it will directly affect our economy. 

To get your plants already started I recommend to either start them in pots as seeds or buy them locally from a farmer to support their business to plant in your garden.   I plan on doing just that this weekend going to a local farm or local feed and seed shop to get some starter plants in pots to put in my garden

 I love these links: Gardening to Save Money: http://bonnieplants.com/library/articles/gardening-to-save-money/

And how to grow Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons:


A link on Container Herb Gardening: http://www.softgardening.com/post/47267036416/technically-i-did-this-last-year-and-reprised-it
Remember if this is your first time garden start small.  I know when I first started I think I had way too many tomatoes and not enough of other veggies, my neighbors always benefit though. But if you do plant too much of one thing you can always can your tomatoes or freeze them there are many different ways to preserve veggies for the winter months.  ❀Until Next Time~Happy Gardening! ❀


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