Happy Mothers Day~♥*✿¸.•✿

https://suziesecretgarden.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/mom-and-dad-smooching.jpg”>Mom and Dad SmoochingMom at beach borne 1911 teenager VA BEACH
Happy Mothers Day!! Mom was outgoing, and an innovator, a mover, a shaker, strong, loving and protective of all of her children, here is a photo of her on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk when it was all wooden, so you know it was some time ago. As this Mothers Day approaches I have to say “Thank You”, to my mom for passing down the love of Gardening and Nature, as I have passed this along to my daughter, and being outside nothing is better for the soul then soil in your hands and breathing in the fresh air and sunshine.

I am reminded of being childlike and laying in the grass and staring at the clouds and the trees, as it was my favorite thing to do to make things out of the clouds as a child using our imagination and enjoying the simple pleasure of doing so. I have many fond memories of my mother and do hope those that still have theirs with them do honor them on this day. My mother passed away 33 years ago so hard to believe it has been so long. I was a young mother myself with a daughter of 2 years old and it was even harder since my father had passed away the year or so before, so neither of them got the privilege of meeting my son, which I know they would be proud of.

With time, you never know what awaits you. So it is best to Love when you can and forgive and live the best and be grateful with each given day.

I do have to say I followed in moms footsteps in some ways as being an independent working woman for many years, as well as a single mom for a few years as my mom was with her first born. You see my mom was born in 1911, so God Bless her she would be 102 now if she was here this year. She was strong, loving, and supportive and did the best she could, but most of all, she Loved my father always and eventually became an Officers Wife. She married my dad when she was in her 30’s and he was 11 years her junior.

We were pretty privileged as children when I look back, even though we didn’t realize it at the time and at times mom seemed to know how to wench money out of penny, my mother in law learned this as well as a trait from their generation.

We went with my Mother in law today for lunch she is going on 78 this year, we went to eat at Applebees and had a cheer today, for Most Importantly “Good Health” and “Love” with a Beer for her, a Beer for hubby and of course I had to be different and have a Bahama Mama. She was the bicycle generation in our time and didn’t learn to drive until she was in her forties, but was determined and learned. She was a working woman for many years and we are proud of her and what she has accomplished for what she had available to her, she also was a single mom for a while.
href=”https://suziesecretgarden.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/mom.jpg”&gt;Mom<a href="

Grow your gardens carefully, sow your seeds, for your offspring will always be either an old soul or a new one so make sure you fill them with much-needed fertilizer hugs and light for Growth, and Water them each day with Love. Strong stock is what they used to call it if you put in the right ingredients.
Alder Tree

It doesn't surprise me that our newest grandson is named after a strong Tree “Alder”. We are very Proud of our Daughter for becoming a new mom at 35 and our daughter in law for our beautiful grandchildren and wish them love this mothers day. A mom has the most influence on her children use it wisely for they will surely emulate what they see. Nature is the best teacher and where we all will lose ourselves and find our peace.
Happy Gardening~Til Next Time~ღ light ♥(¸.•´☼ love♥☮


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