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Avocado Trees
In this day and age of technology, wanting more for less and faster. I am grateful to have grown up in a simpler time, but have also succumbed to technology. The importance of Nature is that it grounds you, it enables you to see the beauty of our world and it is good for your health, sunshine, and exercise. I still enjoy the sound of the screen door as I walk out to garden or tend the flower beds reminiscent of times past. Anyone can find their solace in the outdoors you have to give it time and make it a habit.

One thing about having a Garden is you always look forward to the 1st harvest, sometimes it doesn’t seem to come fast enough depending on when you planted your crops and if they were from seed or larger plants or what area “zone” you live in.

We enjoyed Fresh Swiss Chard, tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, and a green pepper yesterday right off the vine. The great thing about having a garden is it comes right from your backyard to your plate after washing off. I had a nice salad for lunch and then we made homemade pizza fresh dough, with some of the fresh tomatoes, green peppers and turkey pepperoni. Nothing taste better than fresh. http://wp.me/a3gGrf-gP

I transplanted some of my avocados trees into pots and a few in the ground to see how they would do. I also transplanted my small lemon trees all I started from seed and glad to see that I have 3 of them. Eating for health is something we all need to do, it not only helps your immune system but it invigorates you and gives you more energy as you age gracefully and is great for your skin.

I used to sprout my own seeds years ago, and now will get back to doing so, since it is always great to have in a salad or in a sandwich, it gives it that extra crunch and so good for you. These are easy instructions to follow: http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2010/12/starting-with-sprouting.html

I love avocados even more now that I found out this health information. I usually have a half of one in my salad daily: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-9744/11-fun-facts-about-avocados.html

Since my husband loves to build things when he is not working I have come up with a great solution something I would love for my birthday. =) Easy plans for a greenhouse something I think would fit just fine in our yard and maybe yours too but you will have to get your builder =): http://www.realfarmacy.com/how-to-build-a-greenhouse-for-150/

I ran across this little gem to share with you on Mother Earth News, 40 ways to boost garden yield: http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/gardening-tips-zm0z11zsto.aspx#axzz2XEX4Ysmw

ƸӜƷ~Until next time~Happy Gardening~ƸӜƷ

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” John Muir~ƸӜƷ

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle~ƸӜƷ


~✿~Inspiration and Gardening~✿~

Happy for a lifetime plant a garden~Happy-fathers-day Nature435_520417024680581_1072497676_n

If you were lucky enough to have your fathers with you this past fathers day, I hope you celebrated them, time is a stealer, and we never know what the future holds. We personally honored ours in prayer and thought as well as projects. We were lucky enough to have our children visit and grandchildren as the newest grandson was introduced to some of his cousins and Aunts and Uncles an exciting time for sure.

My husband was given a very thoughtful gift for father’s day, an antennae, so we gave up cable tv, we had so many channels before we didn’t watch, so it was really nice to simplify. We still have 27 channels with the antennae which is more than enough for us. When it is nice, nature is our tv most of the time, even in the rain it is great to sit outside on our porch to see the formation of the rain in the garden as it leaps from the petals of the plants to the ground and how the birds come out to get their bath in the rain.

Sometimes it takes some inspiration to garden.  I thought exactly that as I patiently waited for my avocado seeds to sprout and it was well worth the wait. The avocados are now small trees some I have planted in the ground others I will plant in containers.  Sometimes in life we aren’t sure of the outcome but we will try anyway and plant that seed with faith as it is much the same.  I was thoroughly surprised to see my lemon seeds have 2 sprouted small trees, in our climate I think I will pot these to bring them in when the weather gets colder or if you have a greenhouse this would be ideal for the cooler months.

I also found a neat video on growing carrots in containers for easy harvest : http://www.vegetable-garden-guide.com/growing-carrots.html
Most of you all have your gardens in by now and are probably noticing that the pests are coming out. Here is a helpful link for 7 Natural Pest Control Remedies: http://www.homesteadsurvivalist.com/2013/06/seven-organic-and-natural-pest-control.html

Most of us will grow tomatoes. Here is some nice information regarding how tomatoes need calcium to achieve their full flavor potential, and calcium is often greatly lacking in our soils. 95% of a dry eggshell is calcium carbonate. When planting your tomato plants crush up (to powder) about 4 or 5 egg shells and put them in the bottom of the hole. Then plant your tomato on top. They’ll provide calcium and prevent blossom end rot. http://wp.me/a3gGrf-g7

Healing Herbs and Spices this is some good information and are great for health: http://wp.me/a3gGrf-df

8 Things that your Grandparents or parents did that can save your life: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-7485/8-things-your-grandparents-did-that-could-save-your-life.html

Link for Gardening for Pollinators: http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/pollinators/gardening.shtml

Hope you all enjoy your garden and the benefits of having one. I have harvested some of my swiss chard, and lettuce, still waiting for some of my tomatoes. Sow carefully with Love~and Patience~

✿~Happy Gardening~Til Next Time~✿

Feeling Alive~Taking in All of Nature~the Birds~the Sights~Flower Scents~


922765_10200445067304123_788615077_nDSCN5129Grow Vitamins at your Kitchen Door War Gardens for VictoryAs I enjoyed going outside to tend and water the gardens and weed, I always feel closer to nature as an overwhelming peace comes over me and as I make sure I take a moment to meditate and absorb in the beauty of the morning songbirds different chirps, the way the sun reflects upon the grass with the morning dew so illuminated, and the sky that morning how sharp and picture perfect it is that day and placement of the sun at that very moment and the scent of my gardenia fully in bloom. I feel full with gratitude and thankfulness for this day.

I loved these WWI and WWII Department of Agriculture Posters making a comeback http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/food/2010/05/american-food-posters-from-world-war-i-and-ii/ and thought how they are so prevalent today and as it reminds me of my childhood our Parents grew gardens of some sort it was a war-time and a way of life back then and we all seemed to eat real food. Their were not any processed foods at that time, no additives to food and you never heard of GMO’s. http://www.nongmoproject.org/learn-more/

Maybe it was just you didn’t hear of the different types of health problems with children not so many allergies, and other issues that seem so much happening with children now.
It seemed as if everyone grew some kind of vegetable or had a fruit tree back then. Growing our own veggies was a good thing and now it is making a comeback. We nourish our bodies with our food and food is our medicine if you have the right types.

Take time to enjoy your garden it is a process and doesn’t occur overnight but it produces patience and thought.

“When you plant seeds in the garden, you don’t dig them up every day to see if they have sprouted yet. You simply water them and clear away the weeds; you know that the seeds will grow in time. Similarly, just do your daily practice and cultivate a kind heart. Abandon impatience and instead be content creating the causes for goodness; the results will come when they’re ready.”
― Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron

Until Next Time~☮ ❤ ☼ ~Happy Gardening~