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Saturday September 21st, 2013 was a most beautiful Sunshine filled Peace Gardening Day with a few rogue clouds that came later. We enjoyed it by going to our grandsons soccer game, then off to get our peaceful fall garden planted. We planted 2 different types of kale, along with broccoli, cauliflower, beets, and we still have the multi-mini peppers coming in and flowering along with a surprise seedling not sure what it is yet, either a squash or cucumber. We turned the soil over and added in our compost mulch. Such a peaceful easy feeling as you work in your garden and the anticipation of the great tasting fresh vegetables to harvest from the time well spent. Patience is the word for now~

I couldn’t help but notice our dachshund has gray whiskers, it happens to us all in one way or another that time catches up with us, so live in the moment mindfully with gratefulness this will help with everyday activities.

I am truly grateful and my heart is full of love for friends and family and may you be blessed always.

Find today your Peace ☮ that one thing that can take you away, either reading, cooking, gardening and make it a habit. Or make Peace with someone~☮Love is only best when shared~

The greenest dog video:

♥♥☼☮Happy Gardening~til Next Time~☮☼Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵♥♥
Natures Garden~


Getting Garden Beds Ready for Fall Plantings~♥

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Gorgeous Warm day today~ time to get the old summer plantings and growth out and prepare the soil for the new Fall Plantings~

I love the Mother Earth News as a resource for planting in the mid atlantic region: http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/what-to-plant-now-september-mid-atlantic-gardening-region.aspx#axzz2eL4XCShj

I am looking forward to planting some broccoli and other fall weather plants.  Here are some good resource links also: http://awaytogarden.com/what-to-plant-now-for-a-fall-vegetable-garden 

For Virginia: http://pubs.ext.vt.edu/426/426-334/426-334.html

We started by seeing how our orb spider was doing and she was doing quite well really, she had a locust in her web and has had good eating in the garden. What a beautiful web she weaved.  We were surprised really by her growth, she was huge.  We picked off our last cucumbers and were able to get 2 really good ones, the others were victims of bugs.  We still have miniature green peppers coming in as well as one more bunch of romaine lettuce left and some mini various peppers still producing flowers.  Our tomatoes are done for this year. We spent time digging out the vines, and weeds, along with the tomatoes that were done for this year.   We have decided to move our vine plants closer to the fence for next year.  It is good to rotate your plants yearly and it seems you learn something new every year. 

I have had a vegetable garden for many years now but have in the last 3 years been actively mind fully eating for my health and using food as medicine and nutrition for strength health and energy and it has worked. I was battling a health issue and that is when I decided to change my diet and it helped how much more energy I had. I realize now this will be a way of life for me, food is medicine for our bodies. As my son always liked to compare us as with a car, we are a vehicle and what we put in us is what we will get out. So being mindful is helpful and reading labels for health and to help us all age gracefully and since my oldest brother has said it take courage to get older and to be active. I am finding this true as I battle another health issue, but continue with eating healthy and live each day joyfully and thankfully and continue to eat mind fully.

As I talked with my grandchildren I told them when you take the time to look and notice the little things in life you realize that they are really the big things.

I asked them have you noticed that the flowers are different shades of color on one particular plant or do you see the sky different shades of blue or to smell the scents of the air after a good rain and how many shades of green there is in one pine tree. They noticed. I felt like I taught them something that day from now on they will take time to look to see our beautiful world and nature. We sat there just noticing the different clouds and animals or people you can make in them by using your imagination. Life is a gift, Nature is a blessing, and Love is Always the Answer. *♥*

There has been some articles that are interesting about the acidity in our diets and how we need more alkaline foods in the American Diet to stave off different diseases and I am trying to eat more this way now as well. It is interesting reading for all. Here is a nice word press article: http://www.energiseforlife.com/wordpress/2012/01/24/the-7-most-alkaline-foods/
I found this to be rather interesting as well food matters: http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/acid-alkaline-tips-for-balancing-your-diet

Hope you are getting your Healthy Fall Garden Ready for planting~
Til Next Time~Happy Gardening~
*♥Nature~Nothing Better~to relax in and find your Peace*♥*