❀Perspective on Gardening for the Soul❀

Keep Calm and garden onwvintagew-1332962428-201401512759_10152103139478718_1782696737_nBeets Ready to eatFresh Garden BeetsYou really gain a Different perspective of life, when the rough patches come along. It reminds me of a song. Isn’t it ironic? For this someone had been eating healthy exercising and generally taking good care and being mindful of food had now tripped over a major health problem, as we all do in time as we age, some kind of life changing event. You learn what really matters and what doesn’t. It is difficult to ask for help, when you had for so many years been independently strong, no choice really. Sometimes we all have to ask for help, it doesn’t make us weak, it makes us stronger in faith, love, and healing and our closeness to our loved ones and you remain forever grateful.

There are the true blue that always stand up and lend a helping hand and some that really will surprise you with their offer and diligence of being there for you since they knew what it was like. These are the ones you know you can count on friends, loved ones, and family. They know you would do the same for them. Prayers and kindness always are a welcome mat when someone is going through a trial or tribulation.

From my garden it was good pickings, for the beets were in and I enjoyed cooking them for my lunch. My husband is not a beet fan but my daughter loves them as I do. Grow your garden well, plant a seed of love let it flourish out to those you know and know you well, they will see the good in thee and pass along the love they see. Pay it forward~❀Keep the Faith and let People in. ❀ Some Gardening for the Soul~

Happy Gardening~❀❀Til Next Time~❀


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