☮ ❤ ☼Winter Frost and Snow Garden & Traditions☮ ❤ ☼

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We had our first snow here on January 22, 2014 and are expecting more snowfall on Tuesday.  We get all excited around here, since we don’t get it too often and we aren’t all that used to seeing the white stuff.  It is almost time to make the Snow Cream!! We were taught that the 2nd snowfall is the one to make the Snow Cream with, since the first one washes the impurities out of the sky, or at least that is the way we were taught.

My mother passed this exciting recipe to me as a child as I passed it along to my own children when they were little by participation in making it.   

What do you do with the 2nd snow fall? Make Snow Cream!   It’s fast and fun and easy and was a family tradition in our house.   

Hands-On Time: 10 minutes
Ready In: 10 minutes
Yield: Serves Excited children!!


1 cup half and half or milk
1/3  cup granulated sugar (adjust to your taste)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 to 6 cups clean, freshly fallen snow


  1. In a large bowl combine half and half or milk, vanilla extract and sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved, about 3 minutes.
  2. Stir in snow, a cup at a time, until the snow cream magically forms! Freeze for several minutes if desired before serving. 

The snow brought back memories of when my children were young, and they collected the snow so carefully with me to make sure it was fresh white clean snow to put in the steel bowl. They were so excited to participate in this family ritual, usually with the second snow of the year. It is something I hope that my grown children pass down to their own children.

It is called tradition, and nowadays, sometimes we have to remember these type of things and follow through with them as my dad would say.  Especially in this day and age of computers, and technology when some don’t talk face to face or even via telephone or cell phone, or are too busy to realize what and who are important as tradition and simple pleasures.    

I recall being outside with my own children and the excitement in their eyes of the first snow, I would get myself and them bundled all up to go out and attempt to make a snowman and we even got creative with a large cookie sheet to slide down a road in our neighborhood.  I get nostalgic when I see the first snow and my memories start to flow.   

My son was the youngest and was hilarious, he was the comedian, he was so bundled up he would fall back in the snow, we would have to pick him up when he was a young child and he would keep doing it.  He would laugh, along with me and his sister at how he couldn’t get up, and of course my daughter would start the snow angel first, then her brother would follow in making his, then we would have a snowball fly out of nowhere and the fun began again, until they got cold and wet and it was time to go in to have hot chocolate and warm up and put some dry warm socks on.

These times seem as if they would last forever but they flash before you in a blink of an eye, so make your lasting impressions and your traditions now with memories that you and your children will look back on and smile.

Traditions are also best served up with Grandparents since they add that little extra love in and patience to go along with that snow cream recipe.   Image  

Good thing we got the last of our Kale and spinach out of the garden last week. Snow and Winter frost has seemed to gotten to the rest of the garden.

So Grow your Garden Well,☮ ❤ ☼ Prepare the soil, Enrich it with love~☮ ❤ ☼

Happy Gardening Til Next Time~

Keep Saving your seeds~! Countdown to Spring! http://mycountdown.org/Other/Spring/


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