Keeping Faith and Positiveness in Heart Through Trials and Tribulations✿

Yellow Forsythe


Keeping Faith and Positiveness in your Heart, through Trials and Tribulations is hard at times, but it happens to all of us, in one way or another whether it be a serious health issue, or a change in a job, or a new relationship or any major change in your life. What and how do you keep yourself Centered?


I find that much like Gardening, or Reading or Writing, it helps your mood, if you put yourself out side in a another environment that is relaxing or enriching to you. I keep myself centered out in Nature and Yoga, it brings the beauty forth right into my soul, and with my eyes open, I capture the beauty around us. This is where I feel the strength, and it is just being on a Bike ride or working in my yard.

Life began in a Garden
Yesterday was a beautiful day and I enjoyed an 8 mile bike ride with the sun shining on me as though it was to give me power to ride, as the wind blew in my hair and my eyes caught a glimpse of Spring all around. I love this time of year, it is a renewal, a new cleansing energy that fills our planet and our environment of hope and love and flowers.

Bike ride

I got home from riding my bike and cut our back lawn and put compost in our garden starting to prepare the soil for the vegetables. Today, which was full of rain on and off, even today, we have to take the time to appreciate this as well, just like life if we don’t have the (storm) rain at times, we don’t appreciate the sun or the rainbow that comes afterwards. We all have our own struggles with things and hopefully within each moment of everyday you take the time to soak in the wonderful blessings and you will be able to let yourself be filled with Gratitude, and take the time to notice these Beautiful things in Nature.

Cherry Tree blossoms

Here is a nice article to share with you: 9 Steps to Start Living and Stop Doubting:

✿✿Happy Gardening Til Next Time~ (✿◠‿◠) (◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿) ✿✿



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