☼*Preparing your Garden*☼¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆


A beautiful gratitude filled week to dig in the dirt and pull the weeds and turn the soil in preparation for planting your garden.

How to prepare Garden Soil and Secrets to High yield Crops:

After 9 bags of weeds were carried out to the trash I realized how much yard work I actually did, but that doesn’t include the sore muscles in my legs the next day. Time to prime the well if you haven’t already to get ready for the spring watering after you have planted your garden.

It was a gorgeous day to hang out the laundry, as my husband put it as long as the jeans don’t chafe me I don’t mind. =)

There is a certain memory of times in the past when you hang your clothes out on a line, also a fresh air scent about them, not the kind you buy at the store to add to your linen but the real kind.

It brought me back to times when we played outside for hours, games like, mother may I, hide and seek, Red Light, Green Light or freeze tag. It really made me think if the kids nowadays know what these games are and how you play them. I hope the parents and the grandparents of our generation will take the time to teach them. Maybe they will call it Vintage or Retro, like they do with the clothing or music we used to listen too. Most of all it will bring children back outside to the beauty of nature, by planting a little fun seed it is sure to sprout.

It took a little longer with the vegetable garden this year and it is still a work in progress, probably due to the changing climate and extended cold spells and frost we have had in the mid atlantic due to climate change. I had in the past planted end of March but this definitely pushed it up to the first couple of weeks in April to be safe. I have to remember the beauty and the taste of the crop of last year in order to sow in the crop of this year, although ever changing as in life it is what you put in it that you will get out of it.

Here is a little video tip on Repurposing and Making Raised Beds: http://www.realfarmacy.com/repurposing-pallets-how-to-build-raised-beds/

It is so hard to believe that my youngest grandson will be one year old this month. How time flies, he is to have another baby sister or brother in June. Spring the life force of us all it brings forth new growth, life, and hope.

How to build a $50 Dollar Greenhouse: (With Inflation could be more): http://doorgarden.com/10/50-dollar-hoop-house-green-house


Happy Gardening~☼ Til Next Time~☼


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