❀April Showers Bring May Flowers❀❤ ☼

We planted our garden before we left only to find we may have to replace our cucumbers as our temperature dropped not to freezing but very close to it in the mid-atlantic region.  We found the rest of the garden and vegetables in tack. We came back to having rain almost everyday,  April Showers bring May flowers.  We had the first day back full of sunshine then the rain.  It is great to see the beautiful Azaleas in bloom in all their natural glory and my beautiful irises that were from mom’s garden decades ago.  I was very excited to have a special email sent to me while we were vacationing.  I had been chosen to be in  the Smithsonian Community of Gardening Archives to be published and ran as one of their feature stories and now it is part of history.  I am very honored. https://communityofgardens.si.edu/items/show/12107 Azaleas in bloom 2 2014 ON a Wing of a plane

On a wing and a prayer we went for a lovely visit to see our daughter and family an exhausting but worthwhile trip to spend time with loved ones and see our precious grandson.  We will be celebrating another birth of his sister or brother soon in mid June.  We were blessed to have perfect weather the whole week we had visited. We were so pleased to be able to travel to Colorado.  We are excited to be new grandparents again.   We are glad they live in another beautiful place to visit, Colorado where the sky meets the land with 54 mountain peaks that reach over 14,000 feet in the sky and the home of the Rocky Mountains and the Continental divide runs through the Colorado Rockies which flows the rivers and streams on the east side of the Continental Divide flow toward the Atlantic Ocean. https://bouldercolorado.gov/

Louisville Colorado

The rivers and streams on the west side of the Continental Divide flow towards the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest state of all fifty states with only 371 square miles covered by water.  The southwest corner of Colorado meets Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. This spot is known as Four Corners.   The highest point in Colorado, and in the Rocky Mountains is Mt. Ebert at 14,440 feet above sea level.  The lowest point in Colorado is the Arkansas River at 3,315 feet above sea level.  Pikes Peak is another of the 54 fourteeners mountains that rise above 14,000 feet above sea level at 14,115 it rises 8,000 feet above downtown Colorado Springs and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961.  

Boulder Colorado

When we first arrived at their home after our visit to IKEA in Denver, I came down with a bad headache which is common apparently if you are not used to the higher altitude, so I took a rest and felt better after a while and adjusting to the 2 hour time difference.  We enjoyed a trip up to the flat irons with our daughter and were able to get a few photos although it was windy that day we had to grasp in our footing. Another time we went up the mountain to visit Boulder Falls which was a pretty sight.

Boulder, Colorado

The weather in Colorado is unpredictable at times when the sun is up it feels warm, but when it is down it is quite chilling. We visited a little town called Nederland it was further up in altitude and known for its dead frozen guy festival.


It has a unique shopping areas, it lies 17 miles west of Boulder.   After we got back from this visit my husband had altitude sickness so rested and felt better soon afterwards.  We enjoyed going with our daughter to the childrens consignment sales one in Boulder and the other in Louisville.  Our Grandson seemed to love the toys we got him.  The wooden puzzle makes noises when you remove the vehicles it was so cute to see his little expression. He had grown so much since we had seen him. Cherish the time you have with your loved ones.

Sweet Grandson

We went for walks with our sweet one year old grandson named after the Alder tree  around and were surprised at the many wild bunnies we saw everyday we were in town, also the amount of prairie dogs we saw, and how the squirrels had thicker coats on them than to adapt to the cooler weather they have.  They do have designated open green space which we thoroughly enjoyed.   We were fortunate to have nice sunny weather and enjoyed walking around the lake nearby which had a green-blue turquoise tint. The spring time weather was just starting for them so we did see alot of tulips in bloom and daffodils, along with phlox.


Lake in Colorado

We visited the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory and went on the free tour with a wonderful tea tasting afterwards and bought some tea to bring home with us, it was an interesting tour and if you are in Boulder I highly recommend it. After we tasted many I have come to a conclusion that one of my many favorites is the Bengal Spice Herbal Tea. http://www.celestialseasonings.com/


Here in our area at our local Virginia Beach Farmers Market is a plant sale from the Virginia Beach Master Gardeners which is coming up this weekend and we usually love the plants we are able to find.  We got home and rested for a few days and our doggies have not left our side.  Our wonderful neighbor Crystal watched them and spoiled them as usual.   It is always nice to be back home.


There will be a Earth Day Celebration event at Mount Trashmore fun for the family and environment: http://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/parks-recreation/special-events/Pages/earth-day.aspx

Some helpful advice from Mother Earth News on tomatoes:


We are still enjoying our strawberry freezer jam:

Happy Gardening Til Next Time~ღஐ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ஐღ☮ ❤ ☼

Metta is a Pali word meaning loving-kindness. Metta chanting is the radiation of loving-kindness towards all beings: May they all be happy and peaceful. Imee Ooi chants the Pali beautifully. Metta chanting is soothing, uplifting, joyful and a great healing for the world – pervading it with waves of love. Truly, may all beings be happy. May they live always in peace and harmony. (¯`♥´¯).✫* `*.¸.* ´* peαce ´¯`•.¸¸.♥

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