“❀~Mothers Day is always a time for flowery reflection~❀“

2014-Mothers-Day-date-9Me with my Babies

Mothers Day is always a time for reflection and thought whether your mom is heavenly or here on earth.  There are some things that our mothers teach us that we will never forget.  Their gentle smile when we were younger as we gave them our handmade items or the daffodil or buttercups we picked out of the yard and they acted as if they got a reward or prestigious honor and kept them until they fell literally apart, the warmth and glow as they received it as if it was the best gift they had ever gotten or the billionth time we gave her those chocolate covered cherries, we appreciated their caressing hugs, that kiss at night before we go to bed or that special story, and that sense of approval of our accomplishments no matter how small or big and the way they held our hands. They were our best advocate, and let us know we were important as people.  If we are lucky enough she was with us as we grew and had children of our own, and our moms were able to see and love our babies even if short it left an impression of love and knowing.

Awareness like the sun ScannedImage-16

As a Grandma now I see it in my children as they are a mom or a parent.  How they have acquired that special look that only a parent possess with unconditional love.   We show by our example the love, the time, and most importantly the effort.  Sometimes the only thing that can give you comfort is our mother when we are sick, with the wet cool wash cloth on our head, or when we are worried it is good to have her comfort us, or if we broke up with that boyfriend or girlfriend.   The tears fall within our hearts and mom always gave us that ray of hope at the end of the rainbow and the wisdom of advice or even just being there in silence with that special hug and look of understanding.  As we stumbled into adulthood, we still remember our moms as they become our friends and our relationship changed since now they didn’t have to parent us so much since they did their job. It was just then we realize all along they were just looking out for our own interest in the words or things they did or didn’t do for us as now being a parent ourself.  If we got too much we took advantage of it, we learned to give back to the community by them showing us, to share our toys when we were done playing with them, or to work for what we wanted, or to help a neighbor and to be kind to animals. Photo of myself and my mom when I was a baby and mom on the then wooden boardwalk in Virginia Beach.

ScannedImage-7Mom at beach born 1911 teenager VA BEACH

If you got all this from your mom you were lucky and blessed! That is a good mom.  I feel lucky and am proud of my daughter this Mothers Day,  for being all of this to her son and soon to come new baby.  Parenting is a learning experience for sure and we will live what we learn or learn on our own to be the best if we weren’t lucky and we show this whether it is with our children or our fur babies.   The truth is I lost my father 2 years before I lost my mother in my early 20s when my daughter was just 2 years old and my son hadn’t been born yet or a chance to meet his grandmother or grandfather.   So love your parents and moms on this Mothers Day, give them your time and effort it will be well worth it for you are making memories.  Time is way too short.  Realize how lucky you are to have them now and don’t take them forgranted as we all have an expiration date we just don’t know when that is.

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Garden with Love and Garden often it is good for the soul!  Have fun with Memories of when your children were younger and make new ones with your grandchildren every chance you get.

Have Fun, Laugh and Dance in the Wild Air!

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Happy Mothers Day to all!!

How to sheet mulch:


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☼*✿¸.•*¨`*•.☮Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling out of your computer?☮☼*✿¸.•*¨`*•.


In this day and age of technology humanity and some warm and fuzzies have been put aside.  Yes, we get some console out of those we may have known years ago or those we actually see and spend time with that communicate or share photos of their loved ones via social media.  For the family and loved ones that live out of town and some in town that stay so busy, it is great to see what and how they are doing.  Do virtual hugs do it for you?  It is nice once you have been given the sentence of the afterlife to have everyone pitch in and send you well wishes.


When did getting attention via likes or how many facebook friends that you really don’t know become more important than calling a family member or loved one to see how they are actually doing? When someone calls you do you answer your phone always, never, sometimes?  Do you let it go to voicemail, or will only respond to text?  Do you call a loved one that is on your mind or do you ask someone else and rely on them for the answers to see how they are actually doing? Try reaching out yourself since you have no idea when that person last saw them or even talked to them.  Does that give you that warm fuzzy feeling of social media yet?  Something to think about.  When was the last time you called your loved ones? What if that family member has been ill, do you expect them to tell you everything if you don’t put yourself out there to initiate? Do unto others as you wish to be done to you. The Golden Rule. A phone call is nice but a visit is nicer, ask yourself when was the last time you visited a loved one or friend or spent time with them?


Do you talk at them like social media has you do by putting out there what you are doing or where you are, or do you communicate by engaging how they are by actually having the lost art of a conversation with them?   When someone reached out to you, did you stand on your own or were you influenced by another? When are you an adult? When you grow up, when you have children, when you drive, when you pay your own bills? Maybe it is when you aren’t so easily influenced.


Call me old fashioned, but I like to have conversations and to be able to look the other person in the eye, and believe that the art of a simple conversation is getting lost and many people have become socially inept to do so.  I enjoy talking to my loved ones. Take the time and try this art of conversing, it is really quite fun and may be the new fad and get out in Nature to do it even better, you will probably find out more about this person and them you~✿


If you cannot take the time to be in my real life and talk to me, then do not wait until I am gone to talk about me or send me flowers or put me on your social media.   If you are thinking of me or your family member that you haven’t seen or talked to,  hugs and talking are real time and make memories, reach out and take a chance.  Love is the only answer and if someone invites you into theirs take a chance and come on in.  If it isn’t something harmful of course.



One thing I have learned is that life goes by way too fast, so love and let yourself be loved and love yourself enough to not feel the need to impress.  In the end it will Not matter a bit.  When we were growing up, friends and family had cookouts in the nicer weather and would communicate with each other and expand our horizons by enjoying it in Nature otherwise known as the outdoors.  If you have a family member or friends I challenge you to this “Cookout Nature Experiment”. Go on a picnic, ride a bike, Play outside.  Invite your loved ones over.


I enjoyed getting together for lunch with my old friend Sherry on Friday and today hubby and I enjoyed the Masters Gardners of Virginia Beach Plant sale and found some wonderful plants and veggies such as cucumbers, eggplant and basil to add to our garden besides others to go in our flower beds.  I appreciate Social Media, but at times it gets overused and noisy, like static.  Let the Peace and Quiet in Nature Soothe you.


Happy Gardening Til Next Time~ ☼~Gardening for the Soul~