**Secret Ingredient & Simple Pleasures***


Fathers day came and went and I missed writing about it. I have a new beautiful granddaughter born this month that I am very grateful for. She is perfect in all ways! We are so proud of our daughter and her family.  I am very honored for them to pick my middle name as hers as I have a namesake now.    I hope all the fathers had the most happiest fathers day past. I know my son-in-law did by having a new baby girl that weekend.  Our daughter and son in law family is now complete she has a perfect little boy and little baby girl. 


Slow down, funny the things we did before I went in for surgery like tending to the garden adding the Secret Ingredient the Black Kow manure to our garden, not really knowing how secret this ingredient would do. Our garden has taken off and it is the best it has ever been.  Unfortunately I cannot eat it, but those that have been helping me through this surgery and recovery have been able to benefit and I am grateful for that. My husband is eating a salad every night, so again I am grateful for that as well, as he wasn’t always a salad eater.  I was the salad eater the mower of the lawns, the garden tender, the dog washer, the house cleaner, the bill payer.  We all have worn different hats when we had to and some of us define ourselves by what we do instead of who we are. Sometimes we just have to be here and dance.  I have to be patient with myself now and forced to slow down since everything came to a halt a time to heal. 


 My hard working husband has been by my side on through all this when he comes home he has to tend to me and he lets me know it will be alright, I am getting stronger daily and giving myself little task to accomplish daily. He is my rock, my best friend, my soul mate, who makes my life easier just being.  I told him I think I have already cashed in my through sickness part.  He stays with me and keeps me strong as he says again we will get through this as we do daily.  I love my friends and family that have stood by our side to offer help and companionship as we get through this hurdle.  I had a major surgery and am still in recoup mode for a few months.  I was in ICU for 5 days and then step down for about 4 days.  You really gain a different perspective when you are faced with a life threathening illness or major surgery, but trust in your doctors and God to help you through along with friends, family and loved ones and are filled with love and gratitude. 


Life is so fragile and lovely it is important to appreciate the small and simple times for those are the things that you look back on when you aren’t able to do them and it really makes you yearn for those times again.   I am working towards the goals just healing for now and letting swelling go down, and eventually will enjoy the simple pleasures like sipping a glass of water, or being able to breath through my nose again or go outside.  The things that I can see through the glass window now and with gratitude and appreciation I adore, the simple sun set or sun rise, the garden in the morning with the dew on the leaves, the dogs running in the yard the new flower of bloom or the crop that has been yielded that day as my husband proudly brings it in to me to cherish.  


 I am just grateful to be here and to live on this wonderful earth with my loved ones and friends and animals.  Our rescue dog, Peanut  is wondering what is up with mom, so my husband has been throwing the frisbee for him so he doesn’t get depressed.  Funny how animals can tell when something is up.  They are by my side giving me their unconditional love.  So how does your garden grow? Is it filled with your authentic self for their is truely no time to be anyone else but you. Those that love you will love you through it all and you have no need to impress anyone it is a waste of time.  Image

Time is a stealer so make sure the moments you spend are how you want to spend them giving back to those you love in time and effort is never a waste for it comes around seven fold.  I am blessed I was able to give to my friends and loved ones at one time or another my time or effort and this is just who I am and will be again, and they are this way too. I am so grateful to have so many people in my corner saying those prayers sending those good wishes and love in my direction.   I appreciate all the cards, and flowers, and love. I can feel those prayers, it gives me strength. 


Life is too short to worry, or stress or ponder over things you cannot change, but life is there for you to enjoy this very moment you are in and don’t worry about the past or the future just be here now.  These are the simple pleasures the here and now and really taking it in.  Time to always move forward never back ward.  Life is full of wonderful surprises and we all should take the time to appreciate them and take them in.  Secret ingredients and simple pleasures~


~Happy Gardening Til Next Time~ *Love~

Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better.  Albert Einstein~



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