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It seemed as life had been just right as the photos reflect a time of love for these were the days before the baby car seats as we know it today.  But children survived and thrived with the love that they received from us.  Just like we did in our generation with our lead painted cribs and houses, and asbestos sided homes and floors as our parents smoked.  If you were born in the 70s or early 80s you had plastic little car carriers which had one plastic seat belt across and one in between the legs and it sat right in the stroller. It was rather flimsy.  If we went in the car to go anywhere it sat on the floor when we drove and it had a metal brace that it sat up on in the back.  I know they would not be up to any standard of safety today.  We had the walkers with the wheels on them which helped both my children walk at an earlier age, now they don’t have the wheels on the walkers any longer.  My daughter was to use my old high chair that the Germans made for me in Germany where I was born at an US Navy hospital, which was passed down from my mother to me, as some items were since we were young and tried to save money on hand-me-downs.  I remember shopping at a used baby shop that I would walk to on a regular basis 36 years ago and buying practically new baby items for my daughter at a discount price. It wasn’t until later the prices went up as these shops started to become more popular. 

ScannedImage-33 ScannedImage-38 ScannedImage-16

Technology showed up with new ideas or studies that show….etc. The fact is that you were all loved and we all lived through it.  Life as we knew it back then.  Sometimes a photograph will take you right back to time era and you will remember what you were doing and everything.  Like a time passage or like Ringo Stars song photograph it sometimes makes you melancholy to see what has passed but you keep those in your heart where the love is it always shines outward and has been passed to your children as they will now shine on for their own children. The wooden high chair had no seat belt on it as it was so I would put a cushion on the seat of it and sometimes a tie around my daughter’s waist, not todays standards either, but it was definitely old school and sometimes I had to put a piece of cardboard under one leg to keep it from tilting.  Most of all we all were learning as time went on.  What did we learn? In the days of raising my children there wasn’t really technology except for when they got to be preteens then we had a big old computer screen that would dial-up and you would wait and wait…and hear the familiar buzz once it made connection and the screen was green.   We used to do what is now the old-fashioned fun mainly outdoors in nature and spending a lot of time in it and it always gave me peace it made my babies ready for a nap when I would walk them outside at a park or I would carry them over my shoulders since we didn’t have the back pack. Business of trading playing cards was carried on between my son and the local boys in the neighborhood or his matchbox cars he liked to play on the driveway with and pretend that the gutter cement guard was the car crusher.  My daughter with her cheering practice out front or sleep overs and the dancing and singing and role-playing.  You all had wonder, reflection and thought and imagination which came with chasing the lightning bugs at night with the open jars with holes on the lid or catching a butterfly with a net or digging outside in the ground with a spoon to help me plant a new plant or a new garden with vegetables was fun. Using a metal bowl with blocks as entertainment as a baby.  We washed our babies in our sinks, and if the babies were teething we did as our grandmothers had done for us if their was some whiskey or alcohol in the house we would rub that on your gums to numb the pain, old school remedies. Making our own baby food was a regular thing to do.  We knew what time we put into you is what we would get out. Family dinner time every night and a regular bedtime helped establish stability.

ScannedImage-21 ScannedImage-30 ScannedImage-36

Having to be called in at night for dinner since you were outside playing was a regular event which I am glad to say this is something you got to experience. You played outside as your parents generation did playing freeze tag, duck, duck, goose, hopscotch, green light, mother may I and all the imaginative games. We knew where you were outside participating and learning how to be a team player and how to talk to people who in any society is important and an important asset as an adult.  I am glad you were raised in your generation it gave you opportunity and confidence and most of all social skills.  I hope these games are passed down by parents today or it will be a lost art of actual  playing and participating which would be  a shame since they do so much for children.  All the important things of life were learned on the play ground or out playing with friends. Role playing and the many plays you would put on for the family with your funny imagination and each of you so unique and different and endearing. It showed me your own personalities which I loved.  My son was the comedic one always he found his niche in making us laugh non stop as well as very organized and precise on what he wanted to do.  My daughter was the director she would set things up and do the logistics.  It is funny they learned they were good at these skills at an early age and they have well tuned them into their careers as adults.  The funny thing is if you expect the best out of your children and give them opportunity they will do the best they can with phrase of course to please you and in fact they end up pleasing themselves with confidence well learned.  Can’t was not part of our vocabulary only because my dad being an old Navy Dad said there is no such word as can’t.  You have to always try in life. Never give up and if you cannot do it, try again a different way.  This was a good thing to always pass down no matter how many times I heard and sometimes their frustration,  that word I gave them the opportunity to try again or another way.  They did and learned with phrase and love and the power of a word. It was not a chore to mow the grass you had to be tall enough and maybe I would let you and when you did it didn’t matter if  some places were missed you tried and learned and were proud of your accomplishment. It was over time you found you perfected your lawn mowing as you did your confidence.

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Happy Gardening Til Next Time~ᏝᎧᏉᏋ*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸❤



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