✿⊰Fall Garden Planting & 20th Wedding Anniversary Chemo⊱✿

our pick fall 2014

Fall garden start 2014
This past weekend was a joy to be able to go with my best friend and husband of 20 years to pick out our fall garden at the local feed and seed place we love. I always feel like a child at Christmas around my gardening plants, it is so exciting to pick out what we know will grow and flourish and is so good for our health and bodies for nutrition. We picked out Kale, Collards, cauliflower, Broccoli, Beets, Cucumber, Yellow Squash, and something new Pak Choi a Gourmet Oriental Green we hadn’t tried yet. It is good to shake things up and try different veggies to see how they do. My hubby had tilled up the fall garden as we had been adding our regular compost in our compost barrel.
expand gratitude

The best vitamix drink of today was spinach and green delicious apples. My fruit one I will share with you was honeydew melon and apple juice, we had frozen the honeydew melon so it was very tasty with the coolness of a fruit smoothie. Broccoli Soup and cheddar cheese and milk is delicious in the vitamix it can rival the best restaurants and as you mix it in your vitamix it heats up.
Summer garden 2014
We heard one of the dogs barking the other night so my husband went out to find a possum walking and balancing on the top of our privacy fence. Now we have to come up with another way to protect our garden besides the chicken wire fencing around it, some wild animal deterrent, but our dogs just may be it. It is always a challenge but well worth it. We have water and trees near us so it isn’t unusual to find wild creatures now and then, but they usually move on with time.
love in there

We have our 20th Anniversary on Tuesday. Happy Anniversary Honey! We wanted to do something a little more special on our anniversary than going to my first precautionary chemo appointment! As in life you have to just roll with it sometimes! We would do it all over again both of us have agreed to everything that has happened with one exception & would have left the cancer part out of it. It just made us know how precious we are to each other but we knew that anyway. Cancer changes you, you can never go back to who you once were you take things more mellow and only allow what you want into your life to come in. Light, Love and positiveness always. You have to remain in laughter and joy no matter what you go through. Humor is an important part of life always. Life is cherished each and every part of it.

My husband is my best friend and lover that I have known since we were really young, knowing each other for 56 years this year. We grew up in the same childhood neighborhood he was 4 and I was 2 when we met, we also left the area at the same time. I don’t believe in coincidence any longer I believe in meant to be. Both our fathers were in the Navy, we went to the same schools grew up in the same era and had the best music in our time, we knew the same people. Him being a musician and me a flower child. We went on our own way as life has it and then reunited many years later to the prompting of my daughter as me being a single working mom. We reunited and it was magic we never parted after that one meeting it was fate as we knew it.
children & us ♡
So my love is taking me to my first chemo and will sit by my side again as he has over the years we have shared everything our jokes, our children, our love, our fun our laughter, most of all respect and truely liking each other. We have honestly never said a cruel word about each other, but on rare occasion we will have our tiff but they were short-lived since we know that love ♥ is the only way and through this it gives us both strength.
Be kind to self

This is just a blip in our journey together we have a long way to go and things to do and places to see and grandkids to love. I am such a lucky girl to have him he is loyal, loving, respectful, and cherished and just overall a good and honest & loving person. If you haven’t met your special someone you will when you least expect it. Keep your ears and eyes open to the universe it will happen all you have to be is open to it and pay attention love~•♥•°*”.
IMG_9263 (1)
seeds of victory
Looking forward to meeting at Folly Beach with our immediate family our daughter and son in law and their 2 children and our son and daughter in law and 3 children. Family time in a beautiful place~
IMG_9324 (1)

Happy Grandparents Day today~✿*•.¸♥¸.•*° ☼*✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸
gratitude positive

Grow your Garden with love~♥♥♥
vintage poster garden

Happy Gardening Til Next Time ~☮.ılı.♥.ılı.☮ ☼ ☼ ☼ ✿ ✿ ✿
love learned


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