Changes, Life & Gardening

Magnolia bloom

I was so pleased to see the magnolia in bloom. The beautiful scent of the magnolia is unforgettable.


We planted a garden this year but kept it smaller. We planted cherry tomatoes, squash, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers & put the lemon tree I grew from seed in the middle of the garden.  It has really taken off.  We decided not to plant the last avocado in the ground this year since we had a few of them didn’t make it through the crisp frost of winter. We kept one I grew from seed in a pot which it is thriving. Spend time with loved ones, no excuses, take time for meditation & nature always.


Life can change as you know it in an instant.  Health is a luxury.  Since major surgery last year and life altering events with left carotid artery blow out in February 2015 taken by ambulance to the hospital, two weeks later developed an infection put me in hospital again, the last surprise was I had the titanium  screw and bolt that was used to put my chin back together come through my chin, so I had to have this surgically removed.

Life has changed as I knew it.  I cannot speak well currently nor eat regular foods and recently had a PICC line put in my arm so I can get infused antibiotics daily for 6 to 8 weeks due to an infection in my jawbone and neck.

master garden

I have my faithful loving friends & family & husband, I have relied on to take me to my appointments. I love you for your company & help. ♡♡♡ I am grateful & blessed. ♡

In life don’t take anything forgranted. Gratitude and love is the only thing that matters. I am cancer free but as most with this type of cancer we have to deal with the repercussions of surgery, radiation and chemo.

Oral cancer is no joke, if you have a small pin point of a sore in your mouth or any changes in your throat ir mouth that is painless don’t take it lightly. Make sure you get your mouth checked out each time you go to your dentist and if your dentist tells you to see an ENT make sure it is an Oncology ENT.

Take time to get out in nature.  It is good for the soul. Love and peace always. Happy Gardening til next time~♡♡♡♡♡♡