New Adventures in Life and Love & Gardening~

tree of lifeHappy 60th Birthday to my Love~ Wow where did the time go? ScannedImage-2.1compassionflowerlove herehealing

Garden Alert for Composting:

We have our fall garden in the ground now and are looking forward to the yield it brings with time and patience. We enjoyed going to the Master Gardeners show and picking out a couple of plants to go in the yard. It was a cloudy day but we got there early and made our pick of plants. I liked the unusual black elephant ear, as well as some other plants. Cute Veggies!master gardner plant sale 2014 2 veggies

Memories of our summer garden. cukes

Natural Painkillers.
natural painkillers familyFamily Love~
New adventures in Life and Love and Gardening. We are to embark on our newest adventure family vacation with our son’s family and daughters family. I am not in the best optimal health shape currently but as we know a health crisis can come and knock your socks off and change your world without you realizing it until later. I am grateful to be on the road to recovery, but it is and has been a long and hard road.  Health is Wealth is an understatement. I found out today that a person I met through an online support cancer group who is only in her 40s is going into hospice care now. It breaks my heart for her lovely family, as we talked via email and we were always so supportive of each other. She is a lovely person and exudes love all around. Life as you know can change on a dime or an instant it doesn’t matter how pretty you are or how much money you have or make, or what church or synagogue you belong to or what political party you are, it doesn’t matter a bit and it makes you realize and become mindful of what is important. You change your priorities and decide on what is important enough to react to expend energy.  The things that you may have found time for before you have no use for them now as they have served its purpose. When you have less time to waste as we all do when we age, you choose kindness over righteousness any day. If we all took time to look into each other eyes with gratitude I think our world would be more peaceful. We all have a time limit so be careful what you spend your time on. Time and health are priceless.

comes at you at the right time


We all have a number that will be up we just never know when it will be our time, only out maker knows for sure. You look at loved ones, family and friends with much gratitude. Life as you know changes forever. Transition to life and experiencing every moment there is with your loved ones in daily gratitude practiced is important and always available if you do it daily in mediation or in prayer you live in that moment. We aren’t given this life forever. When a health crisis that is life altering experience happens to find you, you will truly find out who the supportive ones are. You realize when you have something like this come into your own family that nothing is more important than Love only love and time filled with gratitude for your loved ones that the little things are the big things and there is no time for childish behavior or hatred or jealousy

My avocado trees that I planted from seed I am pleased to say are doing well.  I have a couple in pots and some I have planted in the ground already.

I was excited to see that my lemon trees to the left of photo that I grew from seed will be ready to go in the ground soon.  Love the earth and planting it will love you back.  avocado

lemon trees

A fun October Veggie tray idea! october veggie

So grow your garden carefully fill it with love, kindness and joy.
Granddaughter with quilt I made and daughter with quilt her great-grandmother made. sweet grandaughter on quilt i Madesarah quilt

I was so happy to see that my newest granddaughter loved her homemade quilt that I made her as her mother had enjoyed the quilt her great-grandmother had made her when she was little. Life Cycle as we know it always in cycle with love. I am grateful for my loved ones who have been there to help us through this journey back to health. With much love~ Happy Gardening til Next time~ with much prayers and love to others on this same journey~God Speed~

If you see or feel a lump bump or bruise that isn’t supposed to be there please go to your doctor and get it checked out. With Oral Cancer there are no symptoms until sometimes it is too late. So please make sure when you get your dentist checkup have them do the six step screening process.

I get by with a little help from my friends

dog gardnerFlower child2love

Happy Gardening til Next Time~angels


❀Easter and Cultivating Love, Renewal and Hope~in your Garden❀


Hope you and your families have the most joyous Easter~❀

I just love these old vintage cards of Easter Past~❀

This weekend was fun shopping for what to plant in our garden.  In the past I have started several from seed. We bought our garden plants from our local Virginia Beach feed and seed store, as well as starting a few from seed.  This is eye candy to the gardener. Excitement filled me as if it was Christmas morning.  I woke up at 5 am Saturday am in anticipation of planting day, and to go to pick our choices out.


So many things to look at.  A feast for the eyes these lovely flowers and plants mark this spiritual renewal time of year!


As you Cultivate your Garden remember to turn in the soil, with the compost. We decided finally to break down and purchase a small tiller at the local Sears Outlet place which was a good deal and refurbished and a savings on our backs.

Image.If you are lucky enough you own a cow, if not you go to your local feed and seed store and find that magic Black Texas Gold or proper name is Black Kow otherwise known as Cow Manure.  We were advised by store owner mainly dig a hole and put this in first before you add your tomatoes and it works its magic. Patience.   Image

We cultivated and planted in our garden this past Saturday by planting in Spinach, Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Beets, Lettuce, Kale, and different assortment of Peppers along with some different types of marigolds for natural bug protection.

By the time Sunday rolled around we had to tend to our regular chores of going to the grocery store and feeling the pain in our legs and backs, realizing we just aren’t as young as we’d all like to think, our bodies have a way of reminding us.


Afterwards we were very happy to have our garden in the ground and are looking forward to the abundance of the harvest! We sat down and took a break as we had primed the well and watered the garden for the first time.  Now time to wait and feed on occasion and patience.


This giant bunny card would scare me to death as a child looks like a scary or may be rabid bunny.  Funny the graphics on the vintage cards.


We were very grateful to be able to join in the festivities of our youngest grandsons “Alder” first birthday party by singing happy birthday along with the other grandparents via technology of Face-time, and iphone. It is a pleasure to met you through this technology as we met the other grandparents it was lovely!  My daughter was creative as usual and Alder seemed to love the orange part the best, but with dad’s help he dug right in to the cake. Look forward to our visit so we can squeeze on him in person!

Alders 1 Year old cake

It is great to live in this day of technology but also great to enjoy Nature as much as you can.  The Beauty of the outdoors brings all of us such joy as well as recharges us, it provides Vitamin D which staves off depression, exercising or working in your yard sets off endorphins in the brain which gives you that well being feeling, much like meditation. Maybe it would have helped with the rabid bunny.


As you gather in around your family this holiday soak in the joy of being with them. Life changes we all get old, some of us get ill, as we try to live the best we can by loving as an example.  Remember “Kindness and Humanity”, is the best religion you can have and show, all of us are fighting some sort of battle. Laughing is the best medicine for us all.  Don’t take life too seriously, remember none of us are getting out alive. Nature will fill your soul.

This poor vintage card shows a girl hatched out of an egg and proceeding to put a flowery rose crown on a boy riding a lamb.  Who says our forefathers didn’t have a sense of humor.  I guess this is to simulate the spring awakening cracking of an egg or maybe breakfast? Does the chicken come before the girl?


Happy Joyous Cultivating in your Garden~!! ❀

Happy Upcoming Easter Holiday to you and your families!!❀


Enjoy this Spiritual Time of Year! Time to count the eggs out for our Annual Easter Egg hunt with the Local Grandchildren!

While you garden you have a gardening angel

Keep your Gardening Angel with you this time of year~ Happy Spring and Renewal!

Happy Easter

ƸӜƷ~Happy Gardening til Next Time~❀❀❀~ƸӜƷ


☼*Preparing your Garden*☼¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆


A beautiful gratitude filled week to dig in the dirt and pull the weeds and turn the soil in preparation for planting your garden.

How to prepare Garden Soil and Secrets to High yield Crops:

After 9 bags of weeds were carried out to the trash I realized how much yard work I actually did, but that doesn’t include the sore muscles in my legs the next day. Time to prime the well if you haven’t already to get ready for the spring watering after you have planted your garden.

It was a gorgeous day to hang out the laundry, as my husband put it as long as the jeans don’t chafe me I don’t mind. =)

There is a certain memory of times in the past when you hang your clothes out on a line, also a fresh air scent about them, not the kind you buy at the store to add to your linen but the real kind.

It brought me back to times when we played outside for hours, games like, mother may I, hide and seek, Red Light, Green Light or freeze tag. It really made me think if the kids nowadays know what these games are and how you play them. I hope the parents and the grandparents of our generation will take the time to teach them. Maybe they will call it Vintage or Retro, like they do with the clothing or music we used to listen too. Most of all it will bring children back outside to the beauty of nature, by planting a little fun seed it is sure to sprout.

It took a little longer with the vegetable garden this year and it is still a work in progress, probably due to the changing climate and extended cold spells and frost we have had in the mid atlantic due to climate change. I had in the past planted end of March but this definitely pushed it up to the first couple of weeks in April to be safe. I have to remember the beauty and the taste of the crop of last year in order to sow in the crop of this year, although ever changing as in life it is what you put in it that you will get out of it.

Here is a little video tip on Repurposing and Making Raised Beds:

It is so hard to believe that my youngest grandson will be one year old this month. How time flies, he is to have another baby sister or brother in June. Spring the life force of us all it brings forth new growth, life, and hope.

How to build a $50 Dollar Greenhouse: (With Inflation could be more):


Happy Gardening~☼ Til Next Time~☼